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$ 8,410

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Round Brilliant 1.01 Carat F VS2 Excellent

Round Brilliant 1。01 Carat F VS2 Excellent

Round Brilliant 1。01 Carat G VS1 Excellent

Round Brilliant 1.01 Carat G VS1 Excellent

 $ 8,240

Actual Client Testimonials


Todd, your suggestion to go with Brian Gavin Diamonds was perfect. It was the perfect ring, and perfect day. The ring you created for us was better than the Tiffany and Co. one in every way! Thank you, Matt


(Happily engaged to Kaitlyn)
 Matthew C. (U.S. Client)


The experience of working with Todd Gray to help navigate my search for the perfect diamond was priceless。 His expertise is invaluable in an industry I had limited knowledge of and I always felt that he had my best interest in mind。 Finding an affordable stone through his recommended cutter was an added bonus。 I have been looking at many designer rings for years yet never believed that I would someday own a stunningly beautiful perfectly cut stone more beautiful than the ones I've seen。 Thank you for such a pleasant experience through this entire process。






Tara Y. (U.S. Client)




Because I prefer cushion cut stones, the various cut structures available in the market made me really confused. I didn't know how to tell the good from the bad, or what cut structures would create what visual outcomes. After a long search, I have decided to reach out to Todd. His quick and professional responses made my search a lot easier! I ended up purchasing an antique cushion cut via one of his vendors as I liked the bold flashes that it creates from the large facets! All my friends were envious because the stone was so unique and it wasn't something that one could find in





E。 L。 Pang (H。K。 Client)

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At Fiery Rocks, we bring together world-class diamond analysts, bespoke jewelry designers, and masters of jewelry setting with exquisite skills to your service. From the outset, you are destined to experience an extraordinary journey - the creation of your own unique wearable pieces of art worthy of keepsake. From the analysis of each diamond, the customised design of bespoke jewelry especially created for you, to the finest inlay technique mastered by jewelry setting experts, every crucial step of the way will be taken care of personally by our expert team.


Fiery Rocks have subverted the traditional operation of the diamond industry, by opening up industry "secrets" to the public, we endeavour to bring product and pricing transparency to the average customer.


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