At Fiery Rocks, we bring together world-class diamond analysts, bespoke jewelry designers, and masters of jewelry setting with exquisite skills to your service. From the outset,


you are destined to experience an extraordinary journey - the creation of your own unique wearable pieces of art worthy of keepsake。 From the analysis of each diamond, the customised design of bespoke jewelry especially created for you, to the finest inlay technique mastered by jewelry setting experts, every crucial step of the way will be taken care of personally by our expert team。


Fiery Rocks have subverted the traditional operation of the diamond industry, by opening up industry "secrets" to the public, we endeavour to bring product and pricing transparency to the average customer



1985 Todd Gray started becoming interested in diamonds while shopping for an engagement ring。

Oct 1985 Commenced employment at Treasures by R.J. Diamond Brokers, where he developed an appreciation for the light performance of ideal cut diamonds.

1992 Todd took over the diamond division as their senior diamond buyer.

1996 The company launched, and it quickly became the authoritative source for in-depth diamond education for the public

1997 The launch of rocked the diamond industry, and fifty members of a trade organization sued to have the site shut down, claiming disclosure of proprietary information to the public and disparagement of the

2005 Became CEO of Nice Ice, Inc.

2012 Converted the site to an educational blog format

2017 Launched Fiery Rocks for the benefit of Chinese customers

Our Strength

Todd Gray, the Chief Diamond Analyst at Fiery Rocks, is well known in the global diamond industry. Having over 30 years of professional diamond analysing and purchasing experience, his insistence in the cut quality and optical precision of diamonds is well respected in the industry. The establishment of and also made him a pioneer in diamond education.

Although he has made himself a lot of enemies, and even got himself involved in a lawsuit against fifty members of a trade organization in America who had sued to have his sites shut down, Todd has insisted on bringing transparency to the once secretive industry to the average customer. Todd is a today a recognized authority on diamond cut quality and light performance. He consults for many prominent diamond companies and writes their blog posts and educational content.

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