• Diamond Cut Quality

    Diamond Cut Quality

    When a diamond comes out of the ground it looks like a shiny pebble or piece of quartz。 In fact, it is so unimpressive that it would be amazing if you actually recognized it as a diamond。 The first diamond discovered in South Africa (not the

  • Diamond Color Grading

    Diamond Color Grading

    Congratulations for showing the initiative to learn about diamond color today! Most people don’t invest the time to learn about diamonds before they buy. They simply wander into jewelry stores like lambs being led to the slaughter, proudly

  • Diamond Clarity

    Diamond Clarity

    Clarity, according to Socrates… Not found in the female mind, anywhere。

  • Diamond Carat Weight

    Diamond Carat Weight

    The public (that’s you) expresses diamond carat weight in percentages of carat weight, such as quarter carat, half carat, three quarter carat, one carat, etc。 Not surprisingly, people also tend to think of the value of your ring, or how m

  • AGS Ideal 0

    AGS Ideal 0

    Pictured above is the most complete diamond grading report available. The proprietary Light Performance Diamond Quality Document (DQD) from the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL), featuring complete diamond grading information.

  • AGS vs GIA

    AGS vs GIA

    The American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Gem Trade Laboratory (GIA-GTL) set the standard by which all other gemological laboratories are compared, but are the two gemological laboratories trul

  • 15 Seconds to Success

    15 Seconds to Success

    Ready, Set, Go for Ideal Cut Proportions as determined by either the AGS Laboratory or by Sarin DiaMension Computerized Proportions Analysis with Polish and Symmetry ratings of AGS Ideal [ID] or GIA Excellent [EX] with a color between ‘D’

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