Selection criteria that drives vendors crazy!

If you are considering buying a few diamonds but do not know how to choose, you are welcome to send us the relevant information, let our experts for your free analysis.

If you haven't found your diamond in mind, you can complete the following "diamond advice" questionnaire or send us your thoughts by E-mail to info@fieryrocks。com and our experts will help you choose the best diamond you want。

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Diamond Shape

  • Round Brilliant

  • Princess Cut

  • Cushion Cut

  • Pear Shape

  • Marquise Cut

  • Oval Shape

  • Emerald Cut

  • Heart Shape

  • Asscher Cut

  • Radiant Cut

  • Antique Cushion

  • European Round

Diamond Size

  • Under 1 Carat

  • 1-2 Carats

  • 2-3 Carats

  • Above 3 Carats

Cut Quality

  • AGS Ideal 0

  • Excellent

  • Very Good

  • Good


  • D/E/F

  • G/H

  • I/J

  • K/L/M


  • FL/IF

  • VVS1/VVS2

  • VS1/VS2

  • SI1/SI2

Price Range

  • Under USD10,000

  • USD10,000 - 20,000

  • USD 20,000 - 30,000

  • Above USD 30,000


  • Yes

  • No

  • I Don't Mind

  • Others

Other Requirements

A merchant once told Todd, "you know, you're really stupid! You could have made more profit! You can sell more diamonds by lowering your selection criteria just a little! Not every consumer needs the best, because your dedication to the "ideal cut" has led to the loss of many profitable opportunities... " 


Todd: "but my reputation and my position in this business have been earned by my commitment to quality for over 30 years. You know I'm the most demanding appraiser in the industry, and I'm sure I won't change that in the future."   So Todd has a lot of titles in the industry, including: diamond nazis, gold kids, that XYZ%! people

Todd used to make a jeweler cry.At the JCK trade fair in Las Vegas, he shot down 40 so-called "Super Ideal Cut" diamonds. He only bought four of them because they were really good. And that's what we want -- as long as it's the best.Looking only at round diamonds, we can meet our annual demand for less than 1% of annual production.   Because we're only interested in diamonds that have the highest refractive index and the best visual effects. Most diamonds don't do that well.

So why do so many people still pay for them? Because they blindly believed that it was enough to have "Excellent" in the report sent by GIA or other diamond appraisals.

It's a pity that when you read several articles published by us about diamond analysis, you'll find that "Excellent" doesn't mean anything...  


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