Which Ideal Cut Diamond should you buy?Ideal Cut Diamond Tips & Tricks:

Is that a good choice? Which of the above four diamonds would you choose?​


If you choose the first diamond on the left, then you really have a good eye! This is a1.01carat,G-color,VS-1clarity,GIAExcellent round diamond。 The total depth of a diamond is61.3%,Desktop diameter58%40。8The base Angle of the degree will produce a large amount of light and shadow refraction effect. In addition35。0The Angle of the crown gives the diamond an average glow(Brilliance)(White flash White Sparkle)And the dispersion (Dispersion)(Color flash/The flame Coloured Sparkle/ Fire)。In addition75%The length of the cutting surface of the lower belt will produce a wide spectrum flash of larger size(Broad Spectrum Sparkle)。


These diamond proportions really fit together“15The preferred range described in the guidelines for buying a diamond in seconds. You can see in the photo that this diamond shows very good light and dark contrast. It would be better to have a picture of a mirror to determine the accuracy of the optics. However,James AllenFor the time beingThere was no provision for the diamonds in their inventoryASETorIdeal ScopeIn the image.


       I'm doing a diamond consultation for a client。 He sent me a link, yesJames Allen Diamond trader's stock75A fine cut, and meet the customer's cleanliness, color and other requirements of the diamond。The question he gave me was simple. Which well-cut diamond should I buy? I looked it up75Information on a fine cut diamond identified which ones were most likely to meet my selection criteria。 It's really a little game I like to play because of the past30All my efforts have been focused on researching and seeking the most ideal cut diamond. I clicked on each diamond image to see their details. I then open the grading report for each diamond so I can see the details. I think this can be a practical lesson in how to choose the best cut diamond.

       Okay, now look at the top four diamonds, but look at these four pictures, which one do you think is the best, the brightest, the brightest?

A diamond's crown is at an Angle34。3 - 34。9Between degrees is ideal, but sinceGIAMeasurement method,GIAThe report35.0Degree crown Angle is also acceptable. Analyzing a diamond does not necessarily require opening the grading report for each diamond. First, I'll look at the specification of the diamond from the diamond details page, and eliminate all diamonds whose crown Angle and bottom Angle are beyond the suggested range.

Obviously, this one1.07carat,G-color,VS-2clarity,GIAExcellent cut round diamond32。0Crown Angle and41.0The Angle of the bottom is out of our standard. I should also point out the Angle of the crown,43.5%The depth of the bottom is exactly the point at which light starts not reflecting off the surface of the diamond. This will result in a reduction in light and shadow refraction. I don't recommend buying this diamond.

None of the other three diamonds met my criteria.

Ideal cut diamond proportion:

  • Total depth in59 - 61.8%
  • Desktop diameter53 – 58%
  • Crown Angle in34.3 - 35.0Between the degree of
  • The base in40。6 - 40。9Between the degree of
  • Small to medium or slightly thick, with a belt on the cutting surface
  • Bottom tip sizeGIA There is noor AGSTip bottom (both are the same)

My personal favorite is also the only one with a mirror image(Reflector Scope Image)Is it1.06carat,Fcolor,VS-2Pure diamond. The diamond was created by the gemological society of America laboratory(AGSL)Grade, its overall cut grade isAGS - 0perfectIdeal Cut。However, the diamond classification report does not include an angular spectrum assessment technique(ASET)Scanning, which is newerAGSHierarchical reporting has included standards. There were only slight differences in the size and shape of the heart. If you look closely, you can5-7-8-10At o 'clock we see a little bit more space around the cusp of the heart. The ten o 'clock heart is smaller than the others. This diamond doesn't fit me8heart8The arrow is standard, but it does cut a bit better than the average ideal diamond. The diamond inIdeal ScopeThe images look great too!


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I finally opened it28Both the top and bottom corners meet my criteria for diamond classificationSix of them fit my criteria.
/A well-cut diamond fits my criteria.










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